Management Team

Pro Kickboxing League or PKL is ably led by an experienced and competent team of Directors that are all committed to the growth of the sport in India. All Directors are passionate towards kickboxing and have the vision to promote it in every nook and corner of the country by making the event a super success.

Mr. Vipin Kapoor - President

Mr. Vipin Kapoor is a multi-talented and experienced individual in the world of sports. An avid superbiker, Vipin has tried his hands at many other things and has emerged stronger and successful in each of his endeavors. The brainchild of PKL, it is Vipin’s wish to see kickboxing scaling new heights in India and believes this is the right time for it to gain some momentum. His contribution to the world of kickboxing is immense. Besides being the Organizing Chairman of Kickboxing National Federation Cup that was held at Talkatora Stadium, Vipin is also serving as the Senior Vice President of Kickboxing Association of Delhi. Vipin has also succeeded in performing his duties as a music video producer, founder of Bolt Entertainment, co-owner of Chittor’s Chetak, a prominent team in Rajwada Cricket League (RCL), and the owner of Enormous Gym.

Dr. Lalit Kumar Makhija – Chairman

Dr. Makhija has vast experience in the medical field after attaining all his education in various prestigious institutions that are affiliated to the University of Delhi. After working extensively in various capacities in the field of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Makhija took voluntary retirement in 2015. Today, in addition to serving as a chairman of PKL, Dr. Makhija is also the President of Association of Plastic Surgeons of Delhi. He has previously worked in prestigious and Central Government hospitals like Dr R M L Hospital and PGIMER.

Mr. Saurabh Mehta – Secretary

A hardcore businessman, Saurabh Mehta, the current General Secretary of PKL, having been closely associated with his family business, Mr. Mehta expanded his horizon and applied his vast experience and knowledge of marketing and business management into different businesses. Today, besides working closely with the PKL team, he heads quite a few lounges and restaurants across Delhi, including Lord of the Drinks and The Flying Saucer Cafe.

Mr. Jatin Ahuja

Jatin is a young and enthusiastic automobile engineer. His visionary ideas came to the fore immediately after he graduated and chose to bring some of the finest and premium automobiles to India, at a time when there was no dealership in the country selling high-end cars to Indians. Jatin chose to be different and today, his dreams have been realized in the form of Magus Cars Ltd and Big Boy Toyz. Both these companies, launched not so long ago contribute immensely towards the growth of premium segment cars in India. Jatin handles the day-to-day operations of these ambitious projects and works closely with many marquee clients, both in India and abroad.

Mr. Honey Katiyal

Mr. Honey Katiyal is one of those rare individuals that like to work tirelessly to make the dreams come true. A young but enthusiastic real-estate expert, Katiyal took no time in understanding the real estate market in India and the answers people were looking for in this space. In the form of Milestones Marketing, a real estate advisory and portfolio management company that he set up in Delhi on December 7, 2006; he set out to find solutions and provide relevant services to customers. The result of all this; as we see today is that several innovations and revolutionary schemes have been put forward by Katiyal and his team of equally energetic and expert professionals. In using these services, customers are now able to seek answers to their questions and solve the age-old problem that plagued the real estate sector. Katiyal’s work and contribution in this sector hasn’t gone unnoticed for he has won several accolades in the recent years. Rajiv Gandhi Realty Excellence Award in 2010-11 and Times Research Service Excellence Award in 2010 are just a few of them.

Mr. Harsh Dahiya

A prominent kickboxing player since 1998, Harsh Dahiya has contributed a lot to the development of the sport in India. After having excelled as a player, Harsh tried his hand as a referee and excelled in it too. In fact, Harsh went on to become the youngest National Referee in 2002. Since 2009, he has been serving WAKO Delhi as its General Secretary. He is also serving as a technical in charge for Pro Kickboxing League. In this position, he has taken several steps for the betterment of players and sport in general. Later that year, Harsh was also selected as the Team Manager of the Indian team for the Asian Indoor Games that were held in Vietnam. He progressed further to become the coach of the national team in 2012 and 2014 when, in Pune, the Asian Kickboxing Championship were held at Pune.

Dr. Anil Sard

A seasoned banker, Dr. Anil Sard is one of the members at PKL. Having served as a unit head at one of the international banks in Delhi, Dr. Sard has also been actively working on various health and healing medical procedures for several decades. His contribution to Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy (IAYT) is unparalleled. For years now, he has been working on drugless methods, obesity management, stress management, and others. Besides publishing various health journals, he has also regularly appeared on TV.

Mr. Harsh Dahiya
Mr. Harsh Dahiya
Kickboxing Coach
Dr. Anil Sard
Dr. Anil Sard
Management Member

About PKL

About PKL

Pro Kickboxing League or PKL is an India-based kickboxing tournament that is well set to take shape in Delhi for a period of approx 2 weeks. The brainchild of Mr. Vipin Kapoor, this prestigious league is expected to catch the attention of Indians. The league shall comprise of 8 teams, each of which will be competing against the other for the title and cash prizes. Each of the participating team will comprise of men and women fighters. All the matches will be telecast live on the sports channel. Furthermore, the event will be graced by several Bollywood and Pollywood celebrities who will be performing and entertaining the crowd to their heart’s content.

Pro Kickboxing League’s Mission is to:

  • To promote the sport in a fair and true spirit across the length and breadth of the country.
  • To help young people develop into individuals that are full of discipline, self-esteem, and health.
  • To take pride in developing and following values through sport that will ensure long-term success.
  • To be accountable for developing the capabilities of one and all to achieve incredible results, both in the playing arena and outside of it.
  • To develop a sense of professionalism whilst upholding ethical standards, honesty, and loyalty.
  • To promote a sense of respect among players and support staff and to embrace diversity, irrespective of culture, race, orientation, and gender.

Our Vision

To be considered as the best and most entertaining KICKBOXING League in India and Rest of the World.

Core Values

We believe that integrity is the foundation of our individual and team actions that, in a way, drive the sport of which we are all proud of.

  • In all our actions, we are honest, ethical, respectful, and trustworthy.
  • We are a responsible sports league that is committed to safety and health of people.
  • We are accountable for all our successes, failures, and actions.
  • We honor our commitments.

At PRO KICKBOXING LEAGUE, we try to excel in all that we do. Excellence in sport requires that each individual is able to excel in an atmosphere that is rich in acceptance, dignity, and respect. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity requires each one of us to make sure that our interactions be inspiring sporting freedom, protect free speech, and respectful.


  • We all share the duty to create an atmosphere that will not just promote positive culture, but also to safeguard inclusivity, dignity, respect, and equity for all. Each member of our sporting fraternity should be a role model for others.
  • We are all motivated for excellence and that we acknowledge our differences and accept them as they are whilst making sure to learn from one another.
  • We have a culture of respect and believe in the fact that actions speak louder than words.

At the core of PRO KICKBOXING LEAGUE’S accountability is personal responsibility and reliability. Therefore, our teams are constantly motivated and encouraged to put in their effort diligently and honor their commitments. We also make sure to take responsibility for all our actions and make sincere efforts in correcting our mistakes as much as possible.
Our individual strengths are well leveraged by teamwork and collaboration.

  • All our resources are willingly shared
  • We are committed to common goals
  • We respect the diversity of our team
  • We have an open communication policy across our teams
  • We always look forward for active participation from one and all

As a sports league, we respect the needs, rights, and values of all participants and are forever willing to accept the diversity such a rich leagues brings along. It doesn’t matter the gender, class, race, orientation, and culture an individual or group belongs to; there is immense respect for one and all.  

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